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Install remote AY Track server on Linux

To install AY Track on Linux do the following:

1. Make sure your Linux box meets the requirements. AY Track will only work on i386 architecture and requires Pentium(R) or compatible processor. We recommend Kernel version 2.2 or later.

2. Obtain aymails.tar.gz file for Linux.

3. Log in as root. You will need root privileges to install AY Track.

4. If using X-Windows, open a terminal window. AY Track installer must be run in Terminal.

5. Unpack the file with the following command

tar -zxvf aymails.tar.gz

This will create the aymails directory containing two files - install and README

6. Change the current directory to aymails

cd aymails

7. Read the README file as it may contain important information.

8. Run the installer


9. Follow on-screen instructions. During the installation, you will be prompted to enter user name and password. You will need these when connecting to AY Track from AY Mail.

10. Once the installer finishes, it will display the location where it installed AY Track. Try running AY Track. Once you run it, you should be able to see it running in the background using

ps -ax

If it doesn't run, the port 50000 may be in use. You may need to change it. See AY Mail Help from AY Mail main menu.

11. Make changes to your startup scripts (usually located at /etc/rc.d) to make sure AY Track gets started when your system reboots. Consult documentation on your Linux distribution on how to do that properly. AY Track must be run as root.

Once AY Track is installed, you can connect to it through AY Mail. In AY Mail 2, select Settings->AY Track from the main menu, then click on the Location button and enter the location of AY Track.

By default, AY Track uses port 50000 to communicate with AY Mail. If you need to change the port, you can find the instructions in the AY Mail Help.

AY Track uses a number of directories to store the data. If you need to change the location of these directories you can find the instructions in the AY Mail Help.

On a multihomed server, you can restrict AY Track activity to a single IP address, to make it coexist with software such as Web or mail servers or to install several Virtual AY Track servers on the same computer. You can find the intructions on restricting AY Track IP address in the AY Mail Help.

All other settings may only be changed through AY Mail. Select Settings->AY Track to open AY Track Control Panel.

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