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AY Mail Features & Benefits

I've been using your product for a number of years now and I just want to state that I think it is one of the best. Easy to use, intuitive, virtually foolproof,  great quality. Thanks for your work.
             Mark Rawlins, A&R Partners

To create your mailing list you can easily paste your recipients or import them from a wide variety of sources, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, other mail programs, CSV or Text files, Excel, databases, etc.

Store any information you want for each recipient. When you import your recipients, all their data is preserved and can be used for filtering and mail merge. You can create your own data fields. In addition to text data, you may also store dates, numbers, currencies, etc.

Or, simply link to your database or other data source. You can manage the list with your database facilities, and AY Mail will pull your up-to-date information when needed.

Grow your mailing list with automatic generation and processing of subscription forms. You can make your subscription forms simple, or you can collect as much data as you want. The forms generated by AY Mail include JavaScript code, which automatically validates user input.

Verify legitimacy of your subscribers with automatic address validation letters. Welcome new subscribers with highly customized welcome letters.

Do not worry about duplicate addresses because your mailing list is always automatically sorted, and duplicates are automatically removed.

Validate email addresses with two clicks of a button to get rid of undeliverable recipients and keep your mailing list clean. You can detect up to 90% of bad addresses before sending.

Combine mailing lists by adding or subtracting them. You can create new mailing lists by extracting the recipients who meet your criteria.

Use blacklists to filter out unwanted recipients from all your mailings as required by the CAN-SPAM law.

Create professional messages in plain text or HTML format. Choose from dozens of templates, or create your own design with AY Mail built-in HTML editor.

Personalize your messages. You can insert information from any data field (such as names, birthdays etc.), recipient's email address, current date and time, and more. You can format the dates, times, currencies, and numbers being inserted. You can make parts of your message visible only to a certain group of recipients.

Use Active Scripting to generate parts or all of your message.

Use any language or send multilingual messages. AY Mail will automatically choose the encoding that is best for your message. You can use any language to format numbers, currencies and dates inserted into your message. A multiple language spell checker is included.

Attach up to 20 files such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents to your message. You can set it up to send different attachments to different recipients.

Preview your message to see if it is properly formatted and personalized. This helps you to avoid costly mistakes.

Target your message precisely. You can use a versatile system of groups and filters to select a group of recipients based on the data fields, email addresses or creation dates.

Do not worry about configuration. In most cases, AY Mail will automatically detect all the DNS and SMTP server settings. However, if you want, you can configure it to use any servers you specify.

Send direct or through SMTP server. You can bypass your ISP server and send directly from your computer using up to 256 independent connections. Or, you can use your ISP's SMTP server for increased speed and reliability. AY Mail supports alternate ports, authentication, SSL and TLS connections.

Or, Send through a remote AY Track which you can install on a Windows or Linux server to increase deliverability and bypass your ISP limitations.

Prepare multiple mailings and relay them to AY Track to send at any convenient time.

Schedule your mailings to be sent at the time of your choice.

Resume your mailing if you had to stop it. AY Mail will remember the delivery status for each recipient.

Set up bounce processing. You will probably receive some number of automatic mail notifications (bounces) from undeliverable addresses. You can set up AY Mail to process them automatically, and it will mark all the failed addresses in your list.

Know who opened your message. AY Mail can embed a special code into your HTML message, so that you can detect if the message was opened.

Detect clicks through generated as a result of your message. You can put one or more detectable links into your message. You will know who clicked those links. You can use this information to send precisely targeted follow-up messages.

Have reports for all your mailings. AY Mail automatically generates reports for all your mailings, and you can observe delivery status for every recipient on the list. You can easily resend any of your old messages to new or failed recipients.

AY Mail comes in three different editions. Not all the features are available in all editions. Select the AY Mail Edition that is best for you.

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