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Sending through the server

AY Mail 2 Corporate Edition

AY Track provides a very efficient built-in system for email delivery.

You can install AY Track on a remote Windows or Linux server (including Virtual servers) and take full advantage of its delivery system.

Because the email is send from the remote server, you no longer depend on your ISP. Many ISPs have serious limitations on the number of emails you can send or on how fast you can send them. It is also quite common that ISPs change their policies requiring you to adjust settings. Sending through remote AY Track server let you bypass all these limitations.

Sending through AY Track is extremely efficient. Transferring your message to AY Track is much faster than passing it to a regular SMTP server. This means that you can send very quickly.

If you install AY Mail on laptop, you can send email through your AY Track server from anywhere without adjusting your settings to match the connection.

You have full control on how your AY Track server delivers email and can check the progress simply by clicking on the corresponding report.

Since you own your server, you can take steps to increase deliverability, such as creating SPF records or putting your server on white lists, such as AOL White list.

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