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AY Track

AY Mail 2. Professional and Corporate Edition.

AY Track is AY Mail companion software. You can install it on the same computer as AY Mail (by selecting the appropriate checkbox during AY Mail installation). Or, you can install it on another computer and access it from AY Mail remotely. Installing AY Track on the server gives you significant benefits compared to local installation.

AY Track can perform three functions.

Send email. AY Track can send email more efficiently than AY Mail. Email sent through AY Track can be scheduled to be sent on a specified date.

Process incomilng email. AY Track automatically recognizes bounces and read notifications resulting from messages sent with AY Mail. It can also handle special emails containg subscription/unsubscription requests and reports on clicks through. The rest of the email can be retrived from AY Track with any mail clients.

Work as a web server. AY Track web server can be used to do subscriptions and unsubscriptions and to register clicks through.

The easiest way to set up AY Track is by running AY Track Setup Wizard. Select Settings->AY Track Setup Wizard from the AY Mail menu.

AY Track is fully controllable from AY Track Control Panel, which you can open by selecting Settings->AY Track from the AY Mail menu.

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