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Sending Through AY Track

AY Mail 2. Professional and Corporate Editions only.

AY Track is AY Mail companion software. AY Track is constantly running in the background, even when AY Mail is not open. It is therefore very beneficial to let AY Track send mail - you only need to transfer email to AY Track, and it will be sending it out at convenient periods and at a set speed. You can transfer mail from multiple projects, and AY Track will send it all automatically.

Sending through AY Track is especially beneficial when you install AY Track on a remote server. This method not only allow you to transfer personalized email to AY Track very quickly, but it also let you bypass limitations on bulk email sending that your ISP may have. You can use AY Track to quickly send email from your laptop while on the road.

Once you transfer your mail to AY Track, you do not need to keep AY Mail open. You do need to keep your computer turned on until AY Track finishes the job.

If there are no problems, AY Track will send email fairly soon. However, if there are some temporarily undeliverable addresses on the list, AY Track will continue trying every hour for several days.

You can monitor AY Track progress in real time. Open the project you used to send the email, click on the Reports tab. You will see the list of reports. Right-click on the report you need. A pop-up menu will appear. In these menu you can select:

Status The dialog will appear that will tell you if AY Track is still sending the message, and will give you an opportunity to cancel the sending process if you believe AY Track had tried enough.

Statistics You will see the count of recipients including counts of successes and failures.

Recipients You will see the list of recipients already processed by AY Track and you can see the status for each of them.

You can restrict AY Track sending activity to periods of low network traffic or to periods that are convenient for you. To do so, select Settings->AY Track->Mail Sending from the main menu, then click on the Timing button. You'll see the AY Track Timing Parameters dialog where you can edit the weekly schedule.

AY Track lets you schedule your messages. Click File->Schedule.

While deciding wether you want to send from AY Mail or through AY Track, consider the following:


Sending is more reliable because AY Track re-tries failed connections.

You can initiate multiple sendings without waiting for them to complete.

You can constrict sending to certain days or hours.

If you install AY Track on a remote server, you can bypass your ISP's limitations.


When you send through AY Mail and there is some problem with SMTP settings, you'll see the error message right away. With AY Track, this will not happen. Therefore, we advise to test AY Track settings by sending few test messages through AY Track.

If you have AY Track installed on your computer, you need to make sure your computer is on and connected to the Internet at least some of the time, which may not be convenient for laptops. However, you can use remote AY Track server.

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