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AY Track on a Remote Server

AY Mail 2. Corporate Edition.

Installing AY Track on a remote server simplifies mailing operations and makes them more efficient in three main areas:

1. Sending email through a remote server allows you to bypass your ISP limitations and take full control of email sending process.

2. Built-in web server simplifies subscriptions, unsubscriptions and detection of clicks through.

3. Built-in mail server lets you collect mail for a domain and automatically process bounces and read notifications.

What do you need to install AY Track on a remote server?

You need a server computer running Windows or Linux, or this could be a virtual server running Linux. If you want to use AY Track's built-in web server or collect mail for your domain, your server must be constantly connected to the Internet and has a fixed IP.

You need AY Track 2 Corporate Server which you can download from here.

You need AY Mail 2 Corporate Edition installed on your computer to control remote AY Track. Trial Edition will work too.

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