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AY Mail Support

All AY Mail customers receive free support by email. If the matter cannot be resolved by email, we provide toll-free phone support. The free support covers AY Mail functionality and integration. Extended services are available for a fee.

My name is Dr. Tom Orent and I wrote the book, "Extreme Customer Service, Beyond the Edge." All I can say is that not only has your AY Pro Mail software ROCKED for my business... but the very few times I had a question, problem or need, you were there within hours, with a SOLUTION, and a caring ear. THANK YOU!
             Dr. Tom Orent, CEO Gems Publishing, USA

Before you contact us, please look if you can find an answer to your question on our Web site.

How to ... section contains dozens of step by step instructions for common tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions section contains the answers to the most common questions.

AY Mail Help File section contains exact replica of the AY Mail Help File.

About Bulk Email section contains general information on bulk email.

If you are a customer and you lost the support email address given you upon purchase, please use Web form to send us email. Please include your registration number.

For AY Mail 1.x, click here.

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