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AY Mail Frequently Asked Questions

What is the limit on the number of recipients that I can send?

The software (except for Trial Edition) does not have any limits. Your Internet Service Provider may have limits. AY Mail can overcome some of the limits, but not all of them.

When I send to multiple people, will the recipients see the addresses of other people?

No. In both personalized and non-personalized mode the list of addresses will not be revealed to the recipients.

AY Mail deletes all duplicates addresses automaticaly, how do I keep all the different records I have for duplicate addresses?

AY Mail has a special import method for such situations. For step-by-step instructions, please, click here.

How fast does AY Mail send?

It depends on many factors, especially your Internet connection speed and the speed of your server. Also, if you send personalized messages, it is much slower. For more details, see our article about bulk email software speed.

Will my recipients be able to trace me back?

Yes. No matter what software you use, your IP address will be revealed and may be looked up with utilities such as AY Spy. You do not need to hide your identity if you are sending legitimate messages. Hiding your identity is illegal under CAN-SPAM Act.

Can I send both text and HTML in the same message?

We haven't added this feature because of the following considerations:

Most of the mail readers (over 99%) will understand HTML format. There are some old mailers that do not understand HTML, but they will not understand the multipart/alternative format (both text and HTML) neither because the multipart/alternative standard appeared when HTML mail was already popular.

Some modern mail readers let people switch to "text only" mode, in which case they will convert the incoming HTML into text, so it is not necessary to have a separate text part.

At some point people used to filter HTML only messages out because they thought that the HTML only format is indicative of spam, but now it doesn't make any sense because all spam is multipart/alternative, but many legitimate mailers send HTML only.

I had to stop AY Mail in the middle of the mailing. Can I resume?

Yes. For detailed instruction, please see How to resend an old message.

How do I delete all "hotmail" addresses from my list?

Click on the Recipients tab, then select Recipients->Simple Search, and do search for @hotmail.com. Then click on the Remove All button.

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