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Resend an old message

AY Mail 2. Any Edition
No special skills required

There are three situations when you want to re-send your message:

Failure. If something interrupts the sending, some of the recipients may not get the message, while others may already have it. You will need to resend only to those who have not received the message.

New subscribers. You have got new subscribers and you want to send an old message to them, but you do not want to re-send to the rest of the list.

Temporary failures. If you send direct, some of the recipients may fail because their address was temporarily unavailable. Note that when you re-send, you may decide to re-send through an SMTP server rather than direct, even though the original message was sent direct.

AY Mail lets you deal with all three situations. The process of resending old messages differs depending on the AY Mail Edition you have:

Home Edition

Professional or Corporate Edition

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