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Resend an old message

AY Mail 2. Professional and Corporate Editions
No special skills required

Every time the message is sent, a report is created. The report contains the list of all the recipients whose addresses have been attempted. You can use the report information to resend to the group of recipients that you need. When you resend, AY Mail will send exact the same message as the one that it sent when the report was created.

If you had any files attached to the message, or referred to in HTML, and these files have changed, AY Mail will use new files. Therefore, new message may differ from the old one. If you delete files used as attachments or in HTML, you will not be able to re-send the message at all.

To resend:

1. Click on the Reports tab,

select the report you want, and then select Reports->Retry Sending from the main menu. The Retry dialog will appear.

2. If you are resending a message because the sending was interrupted, or if you want to send to new recipients, select To the recipients that have never been attempted. AY Mail will send to the recipients who are on the recipient list, but who are not recorded in the report neither as successful, nor as failed.

If you want to reattempt direct sending, select To the recipients that have failed temporarily. AY Mail will resend to the recipients who are marked with question mark on the report. AY Mail will not send to those of the recipients who have been deleted from the main recipients list. AY Mail will use current data fields, not the data fields as they were for the original message.

3. Click on the OK button. AY Mail will start sending.

See also How to send a follow up message.

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