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Data Fields

AY Mail 2. Any Edition

For each recipient, AY Mail stores various data that can be used in mail filtering, mail merge and for other purposes.

When you create a new project, you can specify what kind of information is going to be stored for each recipient, or you can change this later.

When you import your data, AY Mail takes the data fields from the import source.

AY Mail does not restrict your choice of the data fields. Standard address book entries such as Addresses or Thelephone numbers are not very helpful for personalizing messages. You rarely will need to send people their own phone numbers. Instead, you can store useful information, such as products purchased, interests, hobbies, dates of purchase, salary level etc. You can use these data fields to carefully target your mailings.

AY Mail not only lets you store text in your data fields, but also numbers, currencies, dates and conditional fields. These data types are much more efficient when constructing filters. When you insert these data fields into your mail, you can format them to fit your needs.

When you look at the Recipients list, data fields are displayed on the Data tab on the right side. You can easily edit these values:

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