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Resend an old message

AY Mail 2. Home Edition
No special skills required

Every time the message is sent, the status of recipients is reset. Therefore the status of the recipients you see on the Recipients tab reflects the status of the last mailing. As a result, it is only the last message that you can re-send. When you resend, AY Mail will send the email from the Message tab even if you have changed it after you sent the original message.

To re-send:

1. Select File->Re-send from the main menu. The Resend dialog will appear.

2. If you are resending a message because the sending was interrupted, or if you want to send to new recipients, select To the recipients that have never been attempted.

If you want to reattempt direct sending, select To the recipients that have failed temporarily.

3. Click on the OK button. AY Mail will start sending.

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