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How to ...

Compose Messages

Personalize your message (Mail Merge)
Send HTML messages
Use HTML templates
Insert web link
Insert unsubscribe link
Use conditional text
Send different files to different recipients
Test your message

Recipient Lists

Import from ODBC
Import from Excel
Import from CSV/Text files
Import from address books
Import from your mail folders
Import multiple records with the same email address
Segment your list
Use blacklists
Verify addresses
Handle bounces
Handle subscriptions & unsubscriptions
Find out if the message was read
Detect clicks through


Send direct or through the SMTP Server
Personalized or non-personalized messages
Optimal number of threads for direct mailing
Re-send message that you have sent earlier

Other Tasks

Inform everybody that your email address has changed
Migration from AY Mail 1

Let us do it

We can set up your mailing for you, install scripts on your server, program custom macros, etc. If you are interested, request a quote.

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