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Change your email address

AY Mail 2. Any Edition
No special skills required

AY Mail provides an easy mechanism to capture your contacts from your mail program and notify them of the change of your email address. AY Mail supports several common mail clients. Click here for the list of the supported mail clients.

To send address change notifications:

1. Select File->New from the main menu to create a new project. The New Project dialog will appear.

2. Type in the name of your new project, for example "Address Change," select Import recipients from an external source, and click on the OK button. The Select Import Source dialog will appear.

Select the mail client software (for example, Outlook Express) and click on the OK button. The Select Folder dialog will appear

3. Select the folder where you store your outgoing mail. For example, for Outlook Express this folder may be named "Sent Items." Select "Recipients" under Extract Addresses Of.

If you do not store your outgoing emails, you can use all or some of the incoming folders. If you do, select "Senders" under Extract Addresses Of.

When you select the folder, click on the OK button.

4. Click on the Recipients tab. You will see all the addresses and names extracted from the folder.

5. Click on the Message tab. Select the sender, enter subject line and type in the text of your message:

6. Select File->Send from the main menu to send your message to all the contacts.

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