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Segment your List

AY Mail 2. Ppofessional and Corporate Editions
No special skills required

If you need to send your email only to the specific group of recipients on your list defined by arbitrary criteria such as demographic, gender, age, or product bought you need to do the following:

1. Make sure you have a list of recipients on the Recipient Tab.

2. On the Message Tab click on the To button. It will open the Groups dialog:

3. Click on the Add button to open the Group Definition dialog:

4. Name your group. This is only for your internal use, so make sure you can easily recognize the group by its name.

5. Click on Add button to open Filter dialog:

6. Now select a condition and click OK. AY mail will use that criteria to select recipients from your main list before sending. You can select as many conditions as you need:

7. Click on the OK button in the Group Definition dialog. Now you have your group created:

8. Click on the Done button. You can see that AY Mail has added your new group to the list:

9. Every time you decide to send a message to your group, simply select it in this drop-down box. Just before sending, AY Mail will scan your list, apply the filters you have selected and will only send to the recipients who match the group definition.

10. If you want to look at the group contents, click on the Recipients tab and select Recipients->Show Group from the main menu.

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