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Subscriptions & Unsubscriptions

AY Mail 2. Professional and Corporate Editions.
Ability to make changes to web pages required

You can automatically handle subscriptions and unsubscriptions with AY Track.

Along with email addresses, you can collect any additional information with arbitrary subscription forms. You can create as many forms as you want. To manage your subscription forms, select Settings->AY Track->Subscription Forms from the main menu.

You can configure subscription forms to send address validation or welcome letters to your subscribers. Click here for details.

For each of your AY Mail projects you can specify the name of the form. If you do that, AY Mail will automatically connect to AY Track and download all the subscriptions every time you open the project. The same subscription form may be used in multiple AY Mail projects, or even on multiple computers. AY Track never destroys the subscription data, so you can re-use old data at any time.

To set up AY Mail to handle subscription/unsubscriptions:

1. If you have not done this before, you need to set up AY Track by clicking Settings->AY Track Setup Wizard from AY Mail main menu.

2. You must create at least one subscription form in AY Track. To create a subscription form, select Settings->AY Track->Subscription Forms from the main menu. The AY Track Subscription Forms dialog will appear.

Click on the New Form button to create a new subscription form and follow on-screen instructions. The email address field will be added to the form automatically.

3. If you want the email addresses to be confirmed, or if you want to send automatic welcome letters, click on the Edit Letters button and enter the text for the letters. For more details, click here.

4. You must select the subscription form in the project that you want to use to collect subscriptions. Open the project, click on the Advanced tab

and click on the Subscriptions button. This will open the Subscription Preferences dialog that lets you select the form that you want to use.

5. You must generate the HTML code for the subscription form. Select Advanced->Create Subscription HTML Form from the main menu. The Generate HTML Form dialog will apppear.

Specify the URL of the web page that you want to be displayed to your subscribers after they finish the subscription form.

Select the encoding that matches the encoding of the web page where you want to put the form.

As an alternative, you can collect subscriptions by email, but we only recommend using this method as a last resort because of its low reliability. In this case, the mail sent to the address that you specify must be deliverable to a mail account processed by AY Track.

AY Mail will generate HTML code. You will need to save the code to a file.

Corporate Edition only.
If you have activated AY Track Web server, you do not have to generate any HTML and put it onto your Web site, but can let your subscribers access the form through special URLs on AY Track.

6. You need to upload the HTML file generated by AY Mail to your web site. You may modify the file to some extent. If you want the web page with the subscription form to look and feel as the rest of your web site, you can use the part of the file beween lines:




You need to paste this part anywhere on your web page.

7. Once the form is on your web site, subscribers will be able to use it.

8. You need to download subscriptions into your project. You can do that manually by clicking on the Advanced tab and then select Advanced->Check For Subscriptions/Unsubscriptions from the menu, but usually you do not need this because AY Mail will download the subscriptions for you every time you open a project containing a reference to a subscription form and you will be able to see new recipients on the list.

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