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Subscriptions with AY Track web server

AY Mail 2 Corporate Edition
Some skills required

If you want you can put custom web pages on the AY Track web server that will customize the look and feel of your web form. See the AY Mail Help for more information on how to customize AY Track web pages. If you do not want to use custom pages, you just use default URLs:


This URL dislays a subscription form. You need to replace the www.yourtrackserver.com with the actual name of your AY Track server and substitute an actual form name for [form]. For example if you have a form entitled tips, your URL may look like


The unsubscription URL is similar, except that it has u instead of s:


You need to create a link from your web site to the URL on the AY Track web server, so that people could find your subscription form.

Subscribers can use the form immediately after it has been created.

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