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Import from Address Books

AY Mail 2. Any Edition
No special skills required

Most mail clients let you organize your contacts into address books. AY Mail can import addresses from address books of most popular mail clients:

Microsoft Outlook Express (starting v 4)
Microsoft Outlook (starting v 98)
Netscape/Mozilla Mail (starting v 4.5)
Eudora (starting v 2)

If your mail client is not supported, see if it uses Windows Address Book, in which case you can simply use Windows/Outlook Express book import.

It is possible for you to maintain a lot of different information in the Address Book, such as birthdays, etc. AY Mail will search through the Address Book and get only those information fields that are populated for at least one recipient.

To import recipients from Address Book:

1. Select File->Import->Recipients List from the main menu. The Import dialog will appear.

2. Select the mode that you want to use for Import and click on the OK button. The Import Source dialog will appear.

3. Select the mail software that you are using and click on the OK button. If you do not know your software, try to look at the title on top of the window that you use to receive email. It is most probably Microsoft Outlook Express. Note, Outlook and Outlook Express may have a similar name, but they are totally different.

Windows/Outlook Express Address Book is most common address book. It is used by Microsoft Outlook Express, and may be used by other mail clients, as well. Some software (such as Outlook Express) automatically populates the Windows Address Book with the addresses of the people who participate in email conversations.

Be careful to select import from address books, because there are separate importers for folders and mailboxes, which are different. See Import from mail folders.

4. AY Mail will search for the address books that you have selected. It will either find address books or not.

If AY Mail finds your software you will see the list of all the address books on the screen. Select the address book that you need, and then click on the OK button.

If AY Mail does not find your software, you will have to manually navigate to the location where your software stores the address book.

5. You may be asked to match imported fields using the Match Fields dialog.

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