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Conditional Text

AY Mail 2. Professional and Corporate Editions
Some skills required

You can make parts of your message visible only to some of your recipients based on the information from the data fields or their email addresses.

For example, you may have a list of your employees with a data field entitled "Preferences." Some of your employees are vegetarians, and the "Preferences" data field for such recipients contains the word "vegeterian." If you are sending company party invitations, you can use this information to vary the content of your email accordingly.

You can do the following:

1. Put cursor where you want to insert this condition.

2. Select Message->Insert->If from the main menu. You will see the dialog where you can choose data field, comparison operation and type in a value:

3. Select the Preferences data field, select "contains" as the operation, type in "vegetarian," and click on the OK button.

4. Now write what you want to say to people who are vegeterian.

5. Select Message->Insert->Else from the main menu. You will see the Else macro inserted into the text:

6. Write the text aimed to non-vegetarian people, and then insert the End macro by selecting Message->Insert->End from the main menu:

7. You are ready to send the message. We recommend sending a test message to at least one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian to make sure it looks correct in both cases.

If you want, you can nest the If macros. For example, you can use nested macros to vary the text depending on the recipient location:

The subscribers located in the US will only see "We offer free shipping to any US destinations." Canadian subscribers will see "We offer special rates on shipping to Canada." All others will see "We can ship worldwide, and our shipping rates are very competitive."

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