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Import from CSV/Text files

AY Mail 2. Any Edition
No special skills required

CSV is the most common format used to transfer data between databases. Most software programs and databases will let you export recipient data into CSV format, which then can be imported into AY Mail.

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. Recipients must be located inside CSV file one per line, and data fields must be separated by commas.

If your text file is formatted differently, you can try to use Any File import instead of CSV. This will import email addresses only. CSV import allows much more and will preserve all the CSV data fields.

AY Mail will try to recognize data types. It will try to understand if some of the CSV columns are numbers, currencies, dates, or times. Dates will be recognized only in purely numeric formats. This means the dates formatted with month names or abbreviations and/or with weekdays will not be recognized as dates and will be imported as text.

To import recipients from a CSV file:

1. Select File->Import->Recipients List from the main menu. The Import dialog will appear.

2. Select the mode that you want to use for Import and click on the OK button. The Import Source dialog will appear.

3. Select Text or CSV (Comma Separated Values) Files and click on the OK button. The File Selection dialog will appear.

4. Navigate to the file that you want to import and click on the Open button.

5. You may be asked to match imported fields using the Match Fields dialog.

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