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AY Track as an Incoming Mail Server

With AY Mail 2 Corporate Edition, you have an option to install AY Track on a remote Windows or Linux server.

Without AY Track, you receive all your mail from a POP3 server:

The POP3 server handles your email, but it cannot process bounces and read notifications. You can replace your POP3 server with the AY Track server:

Now, AY Track processes all your mail. AY Track processes all the automatic responses, and leave the regular mail intact, so that you can access it with your mail client.

If you want to continue using your old POP3 server, you can position AY Track between your POP3 server and your mail client through hooking.

If you want to use AY Track as a mail server the computer where you install AY Track must meet the following criteria:

1. The computer must have Pentum or compatible processor.

2. The computer must run under Microsoft Windows or Linux.

3. It must be constantly connected to the Internet (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

4. It must have a fixed IP address. Each computer on the Internet is recognized by its IP number or IP address. This number may be either fixed (which means that it never changes) or variable (which means that it may change from time to time). If you do not know whether your IP is fixed, contact your Internet Service Provider. You must also know your IP number.

5. If the computer is behind a firewall, the incoming port 25 must be cleared through the firewall. You must use port 25 for SMTP.

6. It is necessary to have a DNS record for your computer. DNS record links the name of your computer to its IP address. The DNS record will give your computer a name, such as mail.yourtrackserver.com or yourtrackserver.yourcompany.com. Contact your ISP and ask them to set up a DNS record for you.

7. You will need an MX record as well. For example, if your AY Track server is running on the computer yourtrackserver.com and you want to handle mail for responses.yourcompany.com, you need an MX record for responses.yourcompany.com pointing to yourtrackserver.com.

The easiest way to set up AY Track mail server is by running AY Track Setup Wizard. Select Settings->AY Track Setup Wizard from the AY Mail menu.

For more details on how to configure AY Track as a mail server, see AY Mail Help, which you can access by selecting Help->Help from the AY Mail main menu.

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