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Hook AY Track into your Mail Client

When you use your mail client without AY Track, it receives your mail from a POP3 server.

When hooked, AY Track is positioned between your POP3 server and your mail client. When you check email your mail client connects to AY Track. AY Track immediately connects to your POP3 server and starts downloading mail. Once the mail is downloaded, AY Track processes it and then gives all the unprocessed mail to your mail client.

AY Track may encounter some errors while communicating with your POP3 server. In this case, AY Track will send an email to you explaining problem in details. It is normal to get some errors from time to time, but if you are getting errors all the time, there could be a problem with the mail account settings.

AY Track can also collect subscription and unsubscription requests for you. You will have to put HTML subscription forms generated by AY Track onto your web site and direct the output of these forms to your mail account:

AY Mail has an automated tool that lets you automatically hook into most popular mail clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape/Mozilla Mail, Thunderbird). For other mail clients, you need to set up the hook manually.

The easiest way to set up AY Track is by running AY Track Setup Wizard. Select Settings->AY Track Setup Wizard from the AY Mail menu.

You can also follow these instructions:

Supported Mail Clients
Other Mail Clients

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