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Hook up AY Track with your Mail Client manually

AY Mail 2. Professional and Corporate Editions
Basic knowledge of mail client structure is required

To hook up AY Track into your mail client:

1. You must have AY Track installed.

2. Select Settings->AY Track->Mail Accounts from the main menu. The AY Track Mail Accounts dialog will appear.

3. Click on the New Account button to create a new account. The New Mail Account dialog will appear.

If the Hook into the following mail client account option is enabled and the listbox below it contains the description of your account, you may use automatic hooking.

4. Enter the name for your account. For example, John.

5. Select Create account manually and click on the OK button. The AY Track Mail Account dialog will appear.

6. Enter the password for your account. You need to enter the password twice for verification. You need to write down or remember your password. You will need to enter this password into your mail client later (on step 10).

7. Check the Link this account to a POP3 mail account with ISP checkbox.

8. Enter the settings for your current POP3 account. You must be able to get these settings from your mail client. If you do not know these settings contact your Internet Service Provider. AY Track needs this information to access your POP3 server.


Server Name - The name of the POP3 server to use.

Server Port - This most definitely will be 110.

User Id - Your user name.

Password - The password you use to check your email.

9. Click on the OK button.

10. Go to your mail client and enter the settings necessary to connect it to AY Track server. These settings are:


Incoming (POP3) server - the name of your AY Track computer. If you use AY Track installed on the same computer as AY Mail, use Otherwise use full name or IP address of your AY Track server.

Incoming server port - 110 unless you have changed it.

User Name - the mail account id that you entered on step 4.

Password - the password that you have entered on step 6.

If your mail client allows you to control its timeout settings, we recommend increasing network timeouts to 2-3 minutes, which should give AY Track enough time to download your mail.

See the examples for some of the most common mail clients:

Microsoft Outlook
Netscape Messanger
Opera Mail

If your mail client supports Secure Password Authentication (SPA), you can try to see if it works for you. This will make your connection more secure. This may not work for your client.

6. Test your mail account. You must be able to send an email to yourself and then receive it in your mail client.

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