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Hook up AY Track with a Mail Client automaticaly

AY Mail 2. Professional and Corporate Editions
No special skills required.

To hook up AY Track into your mail client:

1. You must have AY Track installed.

2. Select Settings->AY Track->Mail Accounts from the main menu. The AY Track Mail Accounts dialog will appear.

3. Click on the New Account button to create a new account. The New Mail Account dialog will appear.

4. Enter the name for your account.

5. Select Hook into the following mail client account. If this option is disabled, then AY Mail doesn't support your mail client. You still can hook in manually, click here for instructions.

6. If more than one account is listed, select the one that you want to hook in. You will be able to hook into other accounts by repeating the hooking routine over again. You can hook as many mail accounts as you wish.

If you have any doubts on which account to choose, look first at the application name and version, which is listed in front of the account name.
If you do not see the account you want to hook in, then AY Mail doesn't support your mail client. You still can hook in, but you need to do that manually.

7. Click on the OK button. The confirmation dialog will appear. Do not click on the Keep button now.

8. Open your mail client and try to check your mail. You should receive an email from AY Track describing the changes made to your mail client settings. You may also receive your regular email.

If you successfully received the confirmation email, save it in case you need to unhook, return to AY Mail and click on the Keep button, which will make the hook permanent.

If you do not receive the confirmation email, or if you receive email describing some errors, return to AY Mail and click on the Roll Back button. There was some problem with the hooking, and we suggest hooking manually.

9. Test your mail account. You must be able to send an email to yourself and then receive it in your mail client.

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