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Versatile Sending

AY Mail 2. Any Edition

Sending Methods

By default, AY Mail sends through your SMTP server. When you install AY Mail, the installer tries to extract the name of the SMTP server from your mail software, so in most cases you do not need to worry about the name of the SMTP server to use.

AY Mail supports an array of features for the SMTP servers, such as alternate ports, authentication, SSL and TLS connections.

However, AY Mail does not require SMTP server to send email, and you can send directly from your computer.

See also Email Transport Overview.

Reliability of Sending Process

AY Mail does its best to make sending as safe and reliable as possible. AY Mail uses several techniques:

1. AY Mail keeps track of every recipient. Even in case of computer crash, this information will be up to date, so that you can easily resume your sending.

2. AY Mail detects typical situations, such as limit on the number of recipients imposed by your SMTP server, and tries to bypass them, if possible.

3. Once the sending has started, and several recipients came through, AY Mail switches to non-stop mode, and continues sending no matter how long it takes. Thus, AY Mail will not stop if the Internet connection, or SMTP server goes down, and it will continue operations as soon as the server is up again.


AY Mail 2 Professional and Corporate Editions let you schedule your messages, so they get sent when you want them, even though you may be away from your computer.

You can schedule multiple sendings, and you can constrict your mailings to specified hours or days of week, so that mailings will not overload your network in peak hours.

See Scheduling

Re-send Option

If something went wrong during the mailing, you can resend your message to failed recipients. You can also resend the message to the recipients who have been added to the list after the original message was sent.

AY Mail Home Edition only allows to re-send the last message sent from the project.

AY Mail Professional or Corporate Edition allows to re-send any of the previously sent messages.

See How to re-send an old message

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