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AY Mail 2 Home Edition

AY Mail 2 Home Edition is designed to send email messages to your clients, customers, club members, prospects or other contacts.

Home Edition is very easy to use. You can paste email addresses or import them from mailboxes, address books, CSV or Text files. Just few clicks and you have alphabeticaly ordered list of recipients with all duplicates automatically removed. All the data that you had in your files or address books will be extracted too. You can use this data to personalize your plain text or HTML messages.

You can detect up to 90% of bad addresses through address verification. You can find stand alone address verifiers on the market, which do not do anything else, for the same price we ask for AY Mail Home Edition.

You can preview your message before sending it out.

Sending is reliable and flexible. You can send through your Internet Service Provider SMTP server, or you can bypass it, and send directly from your computer using up to 256 simultaneous connections. Reliability of sending comes from years of experience solving problems and working with thousands of AY Mail customers.

Global blacklist. Use it to avoid sending to unwanted recipients.

You can re-send easily and safely. Don't worry, if you had to stop your sending at any point or have failed recipients. AY Mail will remember delivery status for each recipient and you can easily resend your message again. AY Mail will send only to those who didn't get the message.

If you want to grow your mailing list through subscriptions or build relationships with your contacts through targeted mailings and monitoring results we suggest looking at AY Mail 2 Professional Edition.

Click here to order AY Mail 2 Home Edition.

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