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POP3 Authentication dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you specify the authentication methods AY Track should use while connecting to the POP3 server to retrieve mail for you. The best settings depend on the capability of the POP3 server. In most cases, the recommended settings will work.

Authentication Mechanisms Specify which authentication mechanisms should be attempted. AY Track will try to use all of the allowed mechanisms starting from the most secure ones.

PASS(Clear Text Passwords) This is a traditional mechanism and should work with any server. The drawback is that your password is passed in a clear text and can be intercepted.

SASL(Simple Authentication and Security Layer) This is a group of mechanisms for user authentication. It includes both secure and insecure methods.

Only secure SASL mechanisms If you select this option, only secure SASL mechanisms will be used and your password will never be transmitted over the Internet.

APOP(Authentication for Post Office Protocol) This is a secure authentication mechanism, but it is not widely supported. Do not check this box unless you know that the server requires APOP authentication.


Recommended Settings This button will choose the set of authentication mechanisms that are the best guess for an average POP3 server.

Maximum Security This button will only enable secure authentication methods. Choose this option if you are concerned about your password being sniffed. Server must support at least one secure mechanism.

Maximum Interoperability This button will only enable traditional password authentication, which is most likely to work with any server, but your password will travel over the Internet unencrypted.

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