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Advanced Network Settings dialog

This dialog lets you specify advanced settings for network connections. You only need to change these settings in some unusual circumstances. If you change these settings while you do not need to, AY Mail may stop working.

DNS Servers AY Mail automatically determines correct DNS server. If this process fails, or if default DNS servers are blocking MX records, you can specify the IP of your own DNS server.

Auto-detect (recommended) In most cases this option will work flawlessly.

Use the following DNS server Choose this option and specify the IP address of a DNS server to use. AY Mail will only use this server. If you specify a wrong server here, AY Mail will not work.

Computer Name lets you specify the name of the computer. AY Mail will use it when establishing conversations with SMTP servers.

Use System settings In most cases this option will work, but if your computer name is not set correctly, this may cause problems with some servers.

Use the following name Choose this option and specify the domain name of your computer.

Network Timouts This settings determined how long to wait for server responses. Usually, faster networks require shorter timeouts, while slow dial-up connections may require longer timeouts.

SSL/TLS Settings for SSL/TLS connections.

Trusted Certificates button opens Certificates dialog which lets you manage(import, export or delete) thrusted certificates. When you install AY Mail, it is set to use a standard set of certificates of trusted authorities. If you need to connect to the server that uses untrusted certificate, you will need to add the corresponding authority certificate here.

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