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User Macro

[Corporate Edition Only]
The User macro lets you insert a program generated text into your message. The DLL must be supplied by a third party, in which case you need to follow vendor instructions on how to use it. Alternatively you can develop your own using AY Mail API.


DLL is the location of the custom DLL. If you're sending your message through AY Track located on a different computer, the DLL must be installed and accessible on your computer.

Function is the name of the function inside the DLL.

An example:


This macro uses UMSAMPLE.DLL that is installed with AY Mail as an example. The UserMacroSample function tries to find the Name data field and inserts its content. If the name is not found, it inserts the first part of the email address (prior to @). The source code for this DLL - UMSAMPLE.C is also included.

The User Macro dialog helps you select the DLL and the Function.

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