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VB Script

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
You can use VB Script to generate all or parts of your message. To engage the script, use the Script macro. Below you can find more details:

Language name: VBScript

Distributor: Microsoft Corp.

Web site: http://msdn.microsoft.com/

Installation: VB Script is a part of Internet Explorer and is automatically installed on most Windows computers.

Known issues:

You cannot declare subs and functions inside the script

Visual basic can change the capitalization of names. Therefore you cannot use variables that differ from built-in names only by case. For example, the following script

dim SeqN
SeqN = document.seqn

will cause the error Object doesn't support this property or method: 'document.SeqN' because VB Script changed the capitalization to match the variable that you defined. To avoid the error, you need either to match the capitalization

dim seqn
seqn = document.seqn

or name the variable differently

dim SequenceNumber
SequenceNumber = document.seqn

Any variables set during the script execution are forgotten as soon as the script ends. When the script is executed for the next recipient these variables are unassigned.

Sample script: This script assumes that the recipient list has data fields Hours and Supervisor and composes a short text based on the values found in these fields.

set hours = recipient.item("Hours")
if hours.unknown then

worked = 0


worked = hours.value

end if

hoursleft = 10 - worked
if hoursleft <= 0 then



document.write(" reports that you ")
if worked = 0 then

document.write(" have not worked on your assignment. ")


document.write("only worked for ")
if worked = 1 then

document.write(" one hour. ")


document.write(worked & " hours. ")

end if

end if
document.write("You need ")
if hoursleft = 1 then

document.write(" one more hour. ")


document.write(hoursleft & " more hours. ")

end if

end if

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