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Attach Custom File dialog

This dialog allows you to send different files to different recipients. All files have to be in the same directory and recipients must have a Data Field which contains the name for the file.

Source Directory is the directory where all the custom files are stored.

Select lets you select or change the directory.

Source File Name specifies the rules on how to construnct the file name. File name will be glued from three parts:

Prefix (may be left blank).

Data Field The data field that contains the name of the file.

Postfix (may be left blank).

If you leave the prefix and postfix blank, the data field must contain the full file name (without path).

If you specify prefix and postfix, the file name will be a concatenation of prefix, text from the data field and postfix.

For example, if you have a list of the customers with a data field containing their registration numbers as 6 digit numbers, then you can prepare a set of files named bill######.pdf (where ###### is the registration number. Then you specify bill as a prefix .pdf as a postfix and you select the data field containing the registration number. If a customer has a registration number 123456 then the name of the file to be attached to the email will be composed from prefix (bill) followed by the value from the data filed (123456) and then followed by postfix (.pdf). When these three parts are glued together, the file name will be bill123456.pdf.

File Name as the Recipients will see it (Optional) Use this field to specify the name of the file dispayed to the recipient. If you specify a name here, all your recipients will see the same name though the files are going to be different. For example, you can specify JanuaryBill.pdf as the name of the file. Each recipient will see the file JanuaryBill.pdf even though the content of the file will be individual. Make sure you specify the correct file extension (such as .pdf) as this will determine the file type. If you leave this field blank real file names will be used.

What to do if the file does not exist for a given recipient? Lets you specify the action that AY Mail should perform if the file is not found for a particular recipient. You can choose from three different options:

Send the message anyway AY Mail will send the message to the given recipient without the attachment and will continue the sending.

Skip the recipient AY Mail will skip that recipient and continue the sending.

Stop the entire sending and put up an error message AY Mail will stop the sending process and warns you that the file is not found. You can resume the sending later.

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