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Users and Privileges

[Corporate Edition Only]
AY Track Corporate Edition allows remote connections. It can be easily managed from AY Mail located on the remote computer. Access is controlled by user names, passwords and three levels of privileges.

When AY Track is first installed there are no users, and if you want to access AY Track remotely you need to create at least one user.

To create your first user:

1. Select Settings->AY Track->Users and Privileges . The AY Track Users dialog will appear.

2. Click on the New User button. The AY Track User dialog will appear.

3. Enter user id and password. You cannot change privileges. The first user must have administrative privileges.

4. Click on the OK button.

You must remember password that you typed in, otherwise you may not be able to get back to AY Track. If you ever forget your administrative password, you can install AY Mail on the AY Track server computer and control AY Track locally, or delete USERS.AY2T file from your AY Mail directory (which will destroy all the user records, so you will have to recreate it), and then re-install AY Track.

If only a few trusted users access AY Track, you can give them all administrative privileges.

If you want to restrict some of the users, you may give them regular privileges. Such users will not be able to administer AY Track, but they still will be able to create new subscription forms and mail accounts, or edit existing ones.

If you do not trust some of your users, you may give them restricted privileges. These users cannot change anything. They only can collect subscriptions and check for bounces/notifications. This means that you will have to create subscription forms and mail accounts for them. You can then change the ownership of the forms that you have created. Restricted users will be able to get subscriptions from the forms they own, but they cannot change these forms.

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