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Backup Guidelines

It is very important to back up your files. We receive hundreds of calls from people who had their computers destroyed by virus attacks or hard drive crashes. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to recover your lists or messages if you have not backed them up.

We recommend backing up the following files to keep your AY Mail data safe:

1. All AY Mail project files. These are files with .AY2 extension inside the AY Mail data directory and its subfolders.

2. The senders file SENDERS.AY2S .

3. [Professional and Corporate Editions Only] The report files (if you wish). These are files with .AY2T extension inside the AY Mail directory and its subfolders.

4. [Professional and Corporate Editions Only] Your AY Track configuration files if you have AY Track installed: ACCTS.AY2T , FORMS.AY2T and USERS.AY2T.

5. All other files that you have saved while using AY Mail, such as .AYB files for messages.

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