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Blacklist dialog

If you have a "Do Not Send" list, you can configure AY Mail not to send to addresses from this list under any circumstances. There are two kinds of blacklists. The global blacklist will affect sending from every project. The local blacklist can be specified for a particular project.

Your blacklist can be almost anywhere (Internet, File, Database, AY Mail 2 Project etc.)

Use Blacklist Check this box to turn the blacklist on.

Blacklist location shows the current location of the blacklist.

Change button opens the Select Import Source where you can select your blacklist location.

Advanced button opens the Blacklist Settings dialog where you can specify some advanced blacklist settings.

Blacklist status displays the current status of the blacklist. Blacklist may be held in memory until it expires, or it may not be loaded in the memory. If the blacklist is loaded you can use the View button to look at the addresses in the blacklist.

Pre-load button loads the blacklist in the memory. It will be kept in memory ready to use until it expires.

Forget button purges the blacklist from the memory. It frees up the memory, but the blacklist will have to be re-loaded when it is needed.

View button opens the Blacklist View dialog where you can look at the addreses on your blacklist. It requires the blacklist to be loaded into memory.

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