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Generate CGI Script dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you generate a CGI script. The script will accept the input and relay it to the e-mail address that you specify. You need to put the script generated by AY Mail onto your web server. You do not need to generate the script if you use AY Track as your web server.

Email address for processing Email address where the input will be sent to. This email address must be processed by AY Track.

Test button will test if the mail sent to this address is received by AY Track. During the test, AY Track will contact Northern Software web server, which will send a test email. AY Track will then check if the email is received.

What kind of script to generate? Lets you select the language for the script. This depends on the hardware and software used on your web site and on your Web hosting company. If you do not know what to choose, contact your Web hosting company and ask them which of these scripts to use with their site and how to properly upload the script onto your Web site.

CGI Perl/Sendmail Script (for UNIX, Linux etc): Select this option if your web server runs on Unix/Linux platform. The Perl script will use sendmail to send e-mails.

Binary ELF (for Linux 2.2+ on Pentium or compatible processor) Select this option if your Web server is run on Linux. This requires 32-bit Pentium or compatible processor, Linux kernel 2.2 or later and libc 2.0 or later. Most Linux servers will meet this requirement.

ASP (for Microsoft IIS Server for Windows 2000 or later) Select this option for IIS servers. The ASP script uses VB script and requires CDO to operate.

Binary EXE (for any 32-bit Windows) Use this option for any 32-bit Windows based server.

PHP (crossplatform) Use this option if your server supports PHP scripting language. Most Web servers will have PHP support.

Continue button takes you to the next step, which depends on the kind of the script you have selected.

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