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Personalize your message

You can personalize your message in a number of ways.

The simplest form of personalization is inserting the content of Data Fields into the subject line or the text of your message. For example, you may want to start your letter withDear John and Dear Jill instead of just Dear Subscriber. This may be achieved by using Macros. To insert the recipient name into the text of your message, do the following:

1. Click on the Message tab and put the caret where you want the name to be inserted.

2. Select Message->Insert->Field Text from the main menu. The Text Macro dialog will appear.

3. Select the data field containing the recipient's name, and click on the OK button.

You will see the macro inserted into your text. It may look similar to this:

Dear#/Text(First Name)/#,

Once you send the message, the macro will be replaced with the recipients name and each of your subscribers will get a personalized message.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
You can go further than that and insert conditional text, so that the messages sent to different recipients will look different. For example, you want to send an email to your subscribers, and you want to include reminder that their subscription is going to expire soon, but you do not want to include the reminder to ones who pre-paid for several periods. If you have a data field named Expiration which contains the expiration date, you can do that as follow:

#/If(Expiration < 01/30/05)/#

Your subscription expires on #/Text(Expiration)/#. Make sure you renew it in time. You can renew by clicking on the following link:

http://www.yourcompany.com/renew.asp?id=#/Text(Customer Id)/#


The subscribers whose Expiration field is earlier than 1/30/05, may see the following text in their messages:

Your subscription expires on Friday, January 17, 2005. Make sure you renew it in time. You can renew by clicking on the following link:


The other subscribers will not see anything of that. See the description of the If Macro dialog for more details.

You can send attachments to your recipients, and you can send different attachments to different recipients. For example, you can prepare files containing statements and send these statements out. For details, see Personalized Attachments.

If you are sending HTML messages, you can insert recipient-specific pictures by using macros inside URLs.

See also Personalized versus Non-personalized messages

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