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Store your message

If you want to save your message for future use, you can do it in two different ways:

1. Use the File->Export->Message Text command from the main menu. This will only save the text of the message as a regular text or HTML file. This text file may be used by other applications if needed.

2. Click on the message tab and select Message->Store from the main menu. This will store all the information about the message - text, sender, subject, formats, attachments - everything you can see on the message tab. The message will be stored in the internal AY Mail format and other applications will not be able to use it. The only way to load your message back, is through Message->Load.

If you used the second method, there may be problems with opening the message with Macros in a different project because the names of the Data Fields may not match. Therefore, it is not recommended moving messages between projects with different sets of data fields.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
All messages are automatically saved in the reports when you send any message and they can be retrieved back using the Reports->Load Message command.

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