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Data Fields dialog

This dialog lets you manage Data Fields for your recipients list. You can use up to 500 data fields. Use the Add button to add new data fields to your list.

Add button adds a new data field. When new data field appears on the list of data fields you can enter a title for it.

Remove button removes the selected data field. If the data field is already in use, it cannot be deleted. Such field will not be removed, but will be displayed with a red cross next to it. The effect is the same as complete removal, except that the field still takes space. You can restore such data field with the Restore button.

Restore restores previously deleted field marked with a red cross.

Move up button moves the selected field up in the list.

Move down button moves the selected field down in the list.

Settings for … selected data field..

Data Type Select the data type you need. See Data Fields for description of data types. You cannot change the data type for the field that has been already used in the recipients list or other places.

Text to be used when unknown You will see this option only if you are editing recipients data fields. Some recipients may not have any information stored in the field. In this case, AY Mail will use the text specified here to represent the field. You can change or delete this text any time after data field was created.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
Field is required (User must fill in) You will see this option only if you are editing AY Track forms. If you check it, the AY Track web server will report an error to the user if the user leaves this field blank. When you generate an HTML code for the form, the JavaScript code will be added to make sure the subscriber has filled this field in.

Default Format button opens Format dialog to edit the format for the selected data field. For the fields that do not have formats, this button will be grayed. The format dialog is specific to the data type of the current field.

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