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Letter Format

This dialog lets you specify a format for your letter. If you select HTML format, you need to put HTML code onto the letter tab. You need to use an HTML editor (such as FrontPage) or write HTML code by yourself. For more details, see HTML. You cannot use HTML format for address validation letters.

This Letter is You may choose between plain and HTML text.

Plain text This is the default. If you create HTML message and forget to change format to HTML, AY Mail will warn you before sending process and ask what to do.

Wrap lines after # symbols You can specify any number between 30 and 200 and AY Mail will wrap the text lines to be no longer than the number. Values between 60 and 70 are recommended.

HTML code Select this option to send HTML messages. If you select HTML format, you need to put HTML code onto the Message tab. For more details, see HTML .

Character Set to be used for sending To make sure your recipients will be able to read your message you have to specify correct Character Set. In the vast majority of cases, the Auto-select option will work well. Fro more information see International and Multilingual support

Auto-select (recommended) AY Mail will look at the message it is sending and will try to guess the character set. If there is no character set that would be suitable for the message, it will use Unicode. Moreover, when you personalize your messages with macros, it will scan every message separately and different recipients may receive the message in different encodings. Use this option if you are working with English language.

Always use Unicode Unicode is an international character set which claims to support all the languages in the world. It is being actively implemented and is expected to be accepted worldwide soon. If you think that your audience is ready for Unicode, use this option.

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