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Export Recipients

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
AY Mail can export your recipient data in CSV. CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. This format is used by Microsoft Excel and can be imported into most software packages.

Each recipient is represented by a single line, which contains an email address followed by all data fields.

You can export the whole list by selecting File->Export->Recipient List

You can also export a part of the list. For example, to export all AOL users, you can click on the Recipients tab, then select Recipients->Simple Search, and enter search criteria, such as "@aol.com". The Search Results dialog will appear containing all AOL users. Select for the dialog menu to export all these recipients.

You can export the data on some particular sending, by clicking on the Reports tab, and then selecting Reports->Export Recipients. The recipients are going to be exported into a CSV file, which will contain email address, status (1 - permanently undeliverable, 2 - temporarily undeliverable, 3 - successful, 4 - read or clicked through), time stamp, source of the delivery information, delivery details and also click-through information.

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