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To open the Preview do one of the following:

Select File->Preview from the main menu.
Select Message->Preview from the main menu.

Right click on a recipient on the Recipients tab, and then choose Preview message from the menu to preview the message as it is going to be sent to this particular recipient.

This dialog lets you see how message will look for each individual recipient on the list.

If you have personalized the message you can navigate through the list of the recipients. You can type an email address that you want to preview and press Enter, or you can just type few first letters of the email address and press Enter - AY Mail will find the recipient which is closest to what you typed in alphabetically. You can go through the entire list by using the following buttons:

Previous button shows you a message for previous recipient (alphabetically).

Next button shows you next recipient in the list and the corresponding message.

If message is not personalized you will not be able to go through the recipient list because the message is the same for every recipient.

Message to be sent contains the subject line and the body of the message as it is going to be sent. Note that the display of the message may be different depending on the mail reader that the recipient uses. AY Mail uses Microsoft Internet Explorer to display the message, which is close to email representation in most popular email clients - Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express.

If you use attachments, you'll see the list of attached files as well.

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