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Match Fields

This dialog lets you match the fields that you import from an external source to your project that already has some Data Fields. For example, you may be importing recipients from a French database, which has fields Nom and Prenom into an English recipient list where the corresponding fields are titled First Name and Last Name. You can do this by mapping Nom to First Name and Prenom to Last Name. You can also get rid of some imported fields completely by selecting Do not import as a destination field, or you can create a new field by selecting Import as a new field .

AY Mail matches the names of the fields based on their titles, but if the titles do not match you need to match fields manually.

There are certain limitations. For example, textual data cannot be imported into a date data field, even though the text may look like dates.

Imported Field lists the fields that were found in the external data source and may be imported.

Destination Field For each imported field, select what to do with it. You can select an existing field to import that data into it, or you can select one of the following two options:

Do not import instructs AY Mail to skip the field completely.


Import as a new field instructs AY Mail to create a new field for the import.

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