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Generate New Private Key dialog

[Corporate Edition Only]
This dialog lets you specify parameters while generating a new private server key.

Name (required to distinguish this key from others) Enter a name for your key. This is only necessary to distinguish the key from other keys.

Random Input (optional) If you type in a random text here, this will make the key more secure. It is Ok to leave this blank.

Algorithm This down-drop box lets you choose the algorithm for the key. The list of algorithms:

512-bit RSA
768-bit RSA
1024-bit RSA (recommended in most cases)
1536-bit RSA
2048-bit RSA
3072-bit RSA
4096-bit RSA
1024-bit DSA

We strongly suggest using 1024-bit RSA, which will ensure the compatibility with all known SSL software implementations. Click on the OK button to generate the key.

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