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The Certificate Subject Name dialog

[Corporate Edition Only]
This dialog lets you specify the information to generate a Certificate Request. Common Name and Country are required. The certification authority that is going to issue the certificate for you may have rules on the information being entered in the certificate request.

Common Name (CN) This must be a domain name of your computer. This must be exact because the software applications that connect to your server will use this field to verify the identity of your server.

Email Address (E)

Organizational Unit (OU) The name of your department or division within the organization.

Organization (O) The name of your organization.

Locality (L) City or town where you are located.

State or Province (ST) State where you are located.

Country (C) Country where you are located.

Click on the OK button to generate a certificate request. This will generate the certificate reqyest and open the Certificate request is Ready dialog.

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