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Select Fields with Merged Data dialog

AY Mail can put one email address into its database only once. But your data may contain multiple records for the same email address. For example, you may have a list of items purchased by customers. Obviously, a customer might have bought multiple items.

To deal with this situation, AY Mail can create combined records. It still will have only one record per email address, but there will be multiple fields. For example, if you had a field named Item, AY Mail will create data fields Item1, Item2, Item3 etc.

Some fields, such as the name of the customer don't need to be multipled since the customer will have the same name in all purchase records. This dialog lets you select the Data Fields you want to multiply.

These fields will be imported as is: AY Mail will create only one copy of these fields. If there are multiple records for the same email address these fields will be filled with the data from the first record.

Data from these fields will be merged: AY Mail will create multiple copies of such fields. If there are multiple records for the same email address the data from different records will be put into different fields.

Maximum number of merged records Specify a maximum number of records that you expect to have for the same email address. AY Mail will create the corresponding number of fields to support the records. If there are more records for an email address, the extra records will be dismissed. It is therefore advisable to use a relatively high number, so it would be enough room for all the records.

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