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Text Macro

The Text macro lets you insert the text of a data field into your message.

#/Text(Data Field,Format,Default Text)/#

Data Field is the name of the Data Field to be inserted in the message.

Format is the number of format for the field. This may be omitted, and must be omitted for the fields that do not require formatting, such as text fields. To see the actual format, or to change the format, double-click the macro.

Default Text is the text that will be inserted if the data field is unknown.



This will insert the text of the Name data field, or Sir/Madam if the Name is unknown. Format is not required, so it is omitted.

#/Text(Purchase Date,3,recently)/#

This will insert the formatted contents of the date field named Purchase Date. It will be formatted with format number 3, and if the date is unknown, the word recently will be used.

#Text(Recipient Id)/#

This will insert the contents of the Recipient Id field with default formatting.

The Text Macro dialog helps you edit parameters for the Text macro.

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