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AY Tack Timing Parameters dialog

This dialog lets you specify when and how many messages AY Track is allowed to send.

Restrictions Use these settings to limit AY Track load on your network.

Maximum number of simultaneous threads AY Track supports up to 512 threads, however, in most cases you should not use more than 10 threads to avoid network traffic jam. For recommendations on the optimum number of threads, click here.

Limit the load (number of messages) to Check this box if you want to limit the number of messages AY Track can send. There are two reasons you may want to set this limit - either to limit network traffic from AY track, or to comply with the limits your ISP may have on the number of messages you can send.

Stop trying after the message is # days old AY Track tries to re-send all temporarily failed messages every hour. It tries for several days, then classify the message as permanently undeliverable.

When AY Track is allowed to send email? This weekly calendar helps you define when you want AY Track to send messages. White squares mean that AY Track can send. Black squares mean that AY Track cannot send during this time. You can use this schedule to restrict AY Track activity to nights or other periods with low network traffic.

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