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Addressing Message To dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you specify the appearance of the To mail field. Note that some mail clients (for example, Microsoft Outlook) do not display the content of the To field to the recipients.

The rules for building the To field are different for personalized or non-personalized messages. See Personalized vs Non-Personalized Messages for details. The same message may happen to be personalized or non-personalized depending on circumstances, so you need to specify options for both cases. If you know that your message is going to be personalized all the time, you do not have to specify non-personalized settings.

For Personalized Messages You have three options for personalized messages:

Use e-mail addresses without names Choose this option if you do not have recipients names stored in Data Fields, or if you do not want these names to be displayed to the recipients. This option is always used in AY Mail Home Edition.

Obtain recipient name from the following field Choose this option if the full name of the recipient is stored in a Data Field.

Compose recipient name from the following components Choose this option if the recipients name parts (first name, middle name, and last name) are stored in different Data Fields. If you don't have first, middle or last names in separate data fields you can use other data fields, such as Company, or Title. For example, the name may look like Mr.Smith, Director .

First Name Data field containing the first name of the recipient.

Middle Name Data field containing the middle name of the recipient. If you do not have such field, select Do Not Use.

Last Name Data field containing the last name of the recipient.

For Non-personalized Messages If you are sending non-personalized messages, AY Mail sends only one message addressed to many recipients. Therefore, it cannot use recipients addresses in the To field and you must specify the email address to be put into the To field.

Use the following name This is the name you are addressing to. For example, Customer.

Use the following email address All your recipients will see this address in the To field.

Use the senders email address This option just copies the content of the From field to the To field. This is the default, and if you do not have any special concerns, we recommend using this option. This option is always used in AY Mail Home Editions.

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