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How to change AY Track port through Windows Registry

Warning! Be careful while editing Windows Registry. Incorrect usage may cause your computer malfunction.

1. Click on the Start button and select Run .

2. Type regedit and click on the Ok button.

3. Navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Northern Software\AY Mail 2 and click on the AY Mail 2 folder.

4. You shall see the list of values on the right hand side of the Window. If you see the LocalTrackPort value, then double click it. If the LocalTrackPort value is not there, right click anywhere on the right hand side of the window, and select New->DWORD Value, then rename the new value to LocalTrackPort.

5. Enter the number of the port that you want to use, and click on the Ok button.

6. Reboot your computer.

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