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AY Track Virtual Servers on Linux

[Corporate Edition Only]
The information contained in this article assumes some familiarity with your Linux system organization. Do not attempt the procedures below unless you understand what you are doing.

You can run multiple independent AY Track servers on the same computer. This may be useful if you want to provide independent AY Track servers to different groups of people.

You would need to separate AY Track servers, so that they use different ports or different IPs. The best way to do that is a multihomed Linux box which has multiple IP addresses assigned. This way you can run each of the multiple AY Track servers on its own IP.

To set up multiple AY Track copies on a single computer, Install AY Track as usual, but do not run AY Track after it is installed. When installing AY Track specify the installation directory where AY Track is going to reside and specify a separate data directory, which you are going to use as a template for data directories.

Do not remove or modify files installed by AY Track. Also, do not run the original copy of AY Track to keep data directories intact. This will let you create new AY Track instances by simply copying the data directories.

Remember user name and password that you have entered during the installation. When you create data directories for new AY Track instances, they all will initially use this user name and password.

Each time when you need to install a new instance of AY Track, do the following:

1. Give a name to your new installation, e.g. newtrack2. This name can only contains low case letters a to z and numbers.

2. Create a copy of the initial AY Track data directory. For example:

cp -apr /usr/local/aymail2 /home/newtrack2

3. Create a copy of the /etc/aymail2.conf file. New file must be located in the etc directory and must have the name of the new installation with .conf at the end. For example:

cp -p /etc/aymail2.conf /etc/newtrack2.conf

4. Edit the new configuration file. You need to make the following changes:

Change DataLocation entry to point to the new directory.

Change all the directories to point to the newly created working directories for AY Track.

At the end of the file add the following line:

RestrictIP = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Substitute xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx with the IP address on your system designated to the new instance of AY Track. Do not change the Location. It must point to the location where AY Track binary file resides.

5. Make changes to your startup scripts (usually located at /etc/rc.d) to make sure AY Track gets started when your system reboots. Consult documentation on your Linux distribution on how to do that properly. AY Track must be run as root. The command to run AY Track must have a -c parameter with the name of the instance. For example:

/usr/local/aymail2/aytrack -c newtrack2

6. Run AY Mail and select Settings->AY Track. Connect to the newly created AY Track using the Location button. You will need to enter user name and password that you have specified during AY Track installation. Click on the Users and Privilegies button and change the password so that it differes from the password for other AY Track instances.

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